Friday, October 29, 2010

Cooler weather= happier Casey

Life is getting really sweet here these days. Maybe it's Claire's age? Maybe it takes knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Knowing that our timeline in Texas is winding down makes me appreciate life here more. And who are we kidding, the weather is finally cooling down some (okay, so the forecast for Tuesday is back up to 90, but I'm going to concentrate on the fact that TODAY it only got up to 72!) Unfortunately my mood directly correlates with the weather- and we just came through a gross, long season of humidity and mosquitoes. Feeling captive in your own home is no bueno. BUT, hope is on the horizon, we actually got to wear hoodies just a bit today! I love Texas in the winter, it is super pleasant to be outside- and we are outside kind of people. We are starting to go to the beach a lot more (without sweating!) and Burly has so much more energy (amazing what being able to breathe does for the guy- the summer just zaps his energy). It is fun to see Burly and Claire playing so much together these days. She's even holding his leash on his morning walks now, so sweet.

For Halloween, she is a UW Husky Basketball player:) Los and I are going as Tami and Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights, Los' fave show. Which gave me the excuse to finally buy a pair of cowgirl boots! We've lived in Tejas 2 years now, wish I would've done this way before now.

Knowing that next year we will transition from a 'shore' tour to a 'sea' tour, and Los will have to leave us for months, we are SAVORING all the nights and days he has at home right now. Lots of great meals and conversations and intentional time together. I love my little family of four. I know it will grow and change over the years, but the slow and rich pace of life in Texas is definitely something I appreciate and will miss!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lite Brite made me cry

Here is the video that Claire and I are currently watching a lot. We like it for different reasons:) DCB is amazing, check it out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the G Dub

This is where Los will be working in the Western Pacific:) One of the most dangerous work environments in the world... I like to say he'll be "flinging" the jets off of the runway. He is up for it though, excited actually. It was his number one job pick for our next tour.

Some of our best friends live in Japan, and we are stoked to explore Tokyo, the mountains (over 600 ski resorts= heaven to me!) and other parts of Asia and Oceania.

Clearly we'll miss the comforts and community we have in the US, but it feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we are going for it!


So apparently I am the world's worst blogger. But for the few of you who still read this, if you don't know our crazy news: we are moving to Japan! Summer of 2011- we will go tell the Land of the Rising Sun about the glory of the risen Son! Wild.