Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks for our Baby!

So... we're pregnant! Surprise:) Baby Evans will be showing up in the beginning of June. Today begins week 14, and I was hesitant to talk about it before we were in the clear. I was 10 weeks before I found out. Funny story, I'll write it out later. And this week Los got to meet the baby, who WAVED at us, putting it's tiny hand right up to the sonogram wand. Pretty cool.

Many stories will now ensue... After the Thanksgiving food coma wears off. We had an amazing T-day here in Houston, with some LOVELY people and a 34-lb. turkey! And today we're joining the madness, going shopping. I know that's dumb, but come on, we're in Houston, which is so awesome, it's not like we're in CC where there are no good shops. So we feel like we kind of have to do it:) Wish us luck.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Marriage and God's Timing: Remembering our Stories

Two of my favorite people got engaged yesterday, Dave (a Navy pilot that Los did ROTC with) and Kiesha (my friend from college). We introduced them to each other (score another one for the Yenta-esque matchmaker in me), after I had told Kiesh about Dave for years. Their story is as sweet and powerful and redemptive as can be. The proposal story is hers to tell, but was beautiful and perfect. It was a total surprise to Kiesha, and on a day where she could be surrounded by her best friend, family and lots of loved ones. Hearing their story on the phone, and relaying it to Los, I started crying, and cried on and off the next few hours, as I was in awe of the power of God's covenant faithfulness to them in knitting them together in his perfect timing. They're 29, and for a long time, she was concerned that it wasn't God's plan for her to get married, even though it was the desire of her heart. Kiesha is so loving, giving and joyful to everyone else in her life; and was one of my friends that I wondered, "what's the hold up God? She's awesome, can't you just hurry up and make it happen for her?" I have a few other friends like that too, where I confuse my idea of timing with God's, and forget to have patience and trust in God's better judgment. Do you ever do this? I know I'm not alone in this mistake.

Hearing the result of their patience and trust in God was a good reminder for me to revisit areas where I feel anxious or aggravated instead of God's peace that surpasses understanding. Listening to their story also reminded me to remember my own story. Too often, lots of married people get bogged down with the massive to-do lists and bills and hurts and bitterness and unknowns and chores (maybe you don't, but I do) and we forget the magic and romance of what God did when we courted and married our spouse. I know that love isn't only a feeling, it's a verb, a decision, etc. But it's also a feeling! And I never want to lose the memory of or appreciation for the romance side of love. The day Carlos proposed to me in France, as I've said, is the best day of my life. Hearing Dave and Kiesha's proposal story prompts me to recall our own story more, so I can treat Los the say he deserves to be treated (the BEST!), rather than like just the guy who I wish would take out the trash or clean the dishes:) I'm not saying I'm a bad wife, but who among us does not have room for improvement? So there's my invitation to you who read this, and could stand to put your spouse (or a friend/family member) before yourself this week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet my new best friend Mac

Book, that is... It is exquisite, if I do say so myself.

We picked it up in San Antonio, before the half marathon, which Los ended up doing in my place. I still feel funky, and had a trusted friend advise against that much exertion. Los was amazing as always, without training, getting a 1:40:01! That's like a 7:30 split, he's unbelievable to me. The winner, Brian Sell, placed 3rd in Beijing's Olympics. I love watching people who are made to run doing what they naturally excel in. I cry every marathon I go to, because of the passion, drama and victory. Especially the parapalegic (sp?) athletes always move me, doing the whole race with just arms, or prosthetic legs, it's remarkable. I even saw a guy with a broken arm running (arm in sling). Intense.

We had a great time in San Antonio and were proud of our other 3 friends who completed the half. Now Los is trying to see if someone will sell him a bib for the Houston Marathon. We'll see... Meanwhile, I'm going to play with my new toy. Happy early Christmas to me:)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Drama Drama Drama

Long time, no blog. So, every time I've tried to write, my browser has shut down. I don't know if we have some kind of random virus, but other applications (iTunes, Word, Excel) have also been shutting down intermittently, and I can't even download Firefox, so I don't know what's up with our computer. I'm taking it to the Genius Bar in San Antonio tomorrow. We're going there for the 1/2 Marathon that I'm supposedly walking on Sunday... We'll see about that! The good news is my mom said she'd buy me a new MacBook for an early Christmas gift, thanks mom!!! That's a huge relief to our financial woes. That's about the only good news I have to share today, everything else from the past week has been rough, to say the least.

1. We moved into our beautiful new home, and promptly found there to be NO REFRIGERATOR! Um, what? The owners moving out conveniently forgot to disclose that in their contract... Luckily we have a 'beer fridge' aka mini fridge that we were able to use while we scrambled to go buy a new one. We were incensed, and when Los diplomatically confronted the lady about reimbursing us for the expense, or providing a new one, she basically said, "nope, screw you." She also took the fire extinguisher and the shower rod from the guest bath. Really? Who does that? So, we didn't start off on the right foot, per se. And it was pretty funny that as soon as we pulled up to the house with Burly (his first time seeing it), he got out and started puking all over the place. There was my sign.

2. Then Los left, and went to Houston for the week, for a class. Burly and I supervised the movers the next day, who revealed that multiple pieces of our furniture had been broken from the move. Great. So I have that to deal with. Also, they forgot to set up the washer/dryer all the way, so the first time I turned it on, water flooded the utility room. AUGH! Good thing we have fancy Italian tile that was easy enough to sop up.

3. And maybe worst, is when I got my car, which had been shipped across the country, there was shattered glass across the entire back! I'm still finding glass. The back window was bashed in, and replaced, but the driver won't admit to it! So we're super frustrated about that situation. And we don't know whether anything was stolen or not, but insurance doesn't seem to want to help us, since the window was replaced...

4. In my first week living here, I saw an albino gecko (way too close, on my front porch) and Los said he saw a (1 foot long, but still) SNAKE in our driveway... So that puts me on edge every time I go outside. A little different than Seattle.

Despite all our drama, some good stuff has happened. I went to Houston for 2 nights, and had a great time there. I'm realizing that if I want to succeed in living the "slow" beach life here for 3 years, I just have to know I can drive to culture elsewhere. I got my hair chopped off (shortest ever) in Houston, which was a treat. And our house is slowly being put together and is very livable. Kiesha told us that the Vienna Boys' Choir was in town, so we saw them Tuesday, and they were amazing as always. Los finally started work (after an awesome month off) yesterday, and we're headed north tomorrow morning, so things are a-movin. With all that's been happening the past month, I'm not what you would call trained for this 1/2 marathon, though; so Sunday should be interesting... Talk with you soon (hopefully)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Result

Even without a tv, I kept up with internet coverage as well as possible. Right now I feel:
1. Curious/nervous/hopeful about what the Obama time in office will be like.
2. Wishing that my Republican friends could all have the class that McCain did in his concession. Right now I feel like another Civil War could break out among people I know, alone! It is sad that we are more often the Divided States than the United States.
3. Grateful that my hope is in Christ, not a politician.

However, for some perspective, I borrowed this from Jeremy Cowart; this isPretty cool.

Where I've been...

Thanks to those of you that have called and emailed while I've been in my depressed/lonely/miserable/complaining/no fun state.  I think I'm growing, which is the good news.  It's just too bad that you can't grow without growing pains.  I've been spending more time than usual reading Scripture, which is a funny thing.  Why do we cry out to God more earnestly when in pain?  I've been reading Exodus (which in Greek is literally The Way Out, or the Road Out), which is what I've been looking for...
God does not just save us from sin, death and Satan, but God saves us from ourselves.  That's a truth I've needed to be reminded of, as I've been quite 'self'-focused the past few weeks, saying "woe is me."  The silly Israelites hadn't been out of captivity for a whole week when they started idealizing the past and saying, "wasn't it better when we were back in Egypt?"  It's embarrassing how much I relate to them, knowing that God offers me freedom today, but turning instead to the past, and turning inward, and missing the point.
In Exodus 15 God makes bitter water sweet, and I am praying that God will make the bitter parts of me sweet.  I've been complaining a lot, and rather than learning from  it, I sound like a broken record.  I think there's a valid time and place for complaints, but to turn into a broken record of habitual grumbling, as the Israelites did is not a pattern I want in my life.  Scripture says God is our healer, so I am asking God to make me new.  I'm certainly not there yet, but I'm at least aware of my need for growth.
What about you all?  Have you seen habits like this in your lives? How do you get out of ruts?


In my attempt to get back on the blogging horse, I'm responding to the tag from Kate to post:
Seven Quirky Things about myself and Three things I like about myself.
1. When I am really tired, I start scratching my head, without being aware of it.  I didn't think this was weird until my hairstylist asked in a very confidential voice if I'd been beaten or "fell down the stairs" because of the scrapes she saw on my scalp.  Gross.

2. The happiest moment of my life was when Carlos said, "I love you" for the first time and asked me to be his wife.  I was so taken aback by hearing those words for the first time that I started sobbing and laughing uncontrollably (it was like every emotion coming out at once).  I collapsed on to the floor and totally forgot to answer him.

3. I used to judge people that had small dogs and babied them, dressed them, etc.  Now I am that girl.

4. I have studied 7 languages in my lifetime to some extent, and I wish I was fluent in multiple languages (like people from most countries).

5. My parents and brother have brown hair and brown eyes, I was born with blond hair and blue eyes.  Milkman child?

6. I have very selective OCD.  Everything in my closet is arranged by style of clothing and shades of the rainbow.  I unload dishes, and rearrange my spices and pantry for fun.  Conversely, I can live quite contentedly with piles of stuff and chaos all around me.  As long as my few things are in order.

7. I floss one tooth every day multiple times a day, and determine that my life is getting out of control when I haven't had time to file my nails recently. 

3 things I like:
1. I have had size 10 feet since I was in 4th grade, and was the tallest kid/girl in the class until middle school.

2. I am left-handed and right-brained.

3. I don't affiliate with a political party and place my hope in Christ rather than the American government.

I tag: Annie (to momentarily take your mind off Ben); Shannon; Becky A. and Becky R.; Maggie; Joey and mom.