Monday, May 17, 2010

Texas State Aquarium

We had a lot of fun at the aquarium for the first time. We looked at alligators, birds, sea otters and many other animals. Claire tried to jump into the dolphin tank a time or two, but other than that she was safe. The fish and rescued sea turtles were a little more interesting to mommy though, baby was just as content to play with and eat mommy's flip flops. Maybe next time she'll be a little more into it. I think we'll buy a year pass, such a great deal!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Becoming a Mom and Life BCE (Before Claire Evans)

In honor of my first Mother's Day, I am sitting down to make myself be reflective. I used to be very introspective before becoming a mom, but now my abilities have waned, my memory and attention span are embarrassingly small. Claire turns 11 months today and the time has flown by, so it’s a challenge to pause and consider what this day means.

I almost can’t remember life before she was here. I know it was wonderful and spontaneous and more clean… but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Though the past 11 months have been exhausting at times, largely, they have been a dream. I feel so blessed that she is our kid. She is smart and confident and fun to be around. She sleeps a ton, eats everything we give her and has never been sick! She has completed 28 flights and has traveled with us to 5 time zones and 12 states. Crawling at 7 months and walking at 9 months. Good job, baby. Watching her try new things (swimming, pony rides, testing out her strength and voice, playing with toys and Burly and alongside other kids) has been such a joy. I love watching the world through her eyes, so much wonder and discovery. No wonder Jesus said we were to be childlike.

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to be her mom, I am in awe of her. And while I’m so proud of every new developmental milestone, a little piece of me is nostalgic. Everything is happening so fast. Only 7lbs, 5oz. and 20 inches at birth, she’s since been off the growth charts over 100% She’s been wearing 18 month clothes and some 2 year old clothes already. Where did my little baby go? And when she moved down the hall from us (at 10 weeks) I missed her. I felt like the next thing I know, we’ll be moving her into her sorority or dorm. Time is flying. So I am trying to soak it all in and be grateful.
Some days when we mess up nap time due to being out, or if we’re home all day long, I can get fatigued or go a little crazy, and wish for circumstances to be different. Some times I wish I was working at least part-time to exercise my gifts and talents more fully, and I feel sorry for myself that I’m staying at home. But truthfully, I know this season is short, and so sweet; and we’re blessed to be able to afford for me to stay home. So I don’t want to take it for granted.

Before I was a mom, I wasn’t a big fan of babies in general. I didn’t really ever wish to have one. I loved life just the way it was, and wanted to continue being selfish with my time. I thought a baby would just cramp my style. But now I can’t get enough of this curly blonde little lady who flashes her six-toothed smile at me all day long and melts my heart. I love who she is and I love who she has made me become, more graceful, more present, way less swayed by others’ opinions. Just as I watch sweet Claire learn and grow, I know I will continue to do the same throughout this journey we are on together. Grateful to be her mom this Mothers Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Pony Ride!

I realize I am months behind on actual stories about our lives... but when you have a 10 month old, some times a quick photo or video is the easiest way to put up a post! Claire has continued to grow leaps and bounds. She's been walking for a month and is doing it by herself without prompting, which is so cute/wobbly. She still has 6 teeth and is giving me more bruises these days from "love bites."
Her newest 'milestone' was her first pony ride. Our church had a Western Night (chili tasting, s'mores making, etc.) this Sunday. At first I just wanted to get a photo of her on the horse, since she has been around them (at my mom's old stables in NY) and been pulled by one (in MN). But she was petting it's mane and really happy, even started giggling; so we decided to let her go for her first ride. Growing up around horses myself, I couldn't have been more thrilled:) Enjoy!