Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Claire Evans World Tour #1- great success

I will post a link to our photo album as I finish it, but the month of travel is now over and we are grateful to be home. I've now been to 26 countries, currently beating my husband by one, but that shouldn't last long:) And Claire has 5 countries of passport stamps to her name. I could not wish for a better baby, she was a champ, confidently walking on cobblestone and not afraid of new places or things. And she slept in 17 different beds!! What an easygoing kid. I am blessed. I think I might try to write an article for a magazine on traveling with kids. We shall see.


mama said...

Thank you for The Trip Of My Life! I can't think of a better way to awake than to see a bounding, laughing babylady, and to pick her up and open the blinds and show her a new country. Her balconies, mastering cobblestone, practicing stairclimbing, sweet response to other children, gondola kiss, ince cream cones, heavenly Lichtenstein, feet first dismounts, nakeybaby in hotel car seat after 3114 miles in FrankFord, her Lippica contribution of 1 jelley shoe, and her attempted Heathrow offering, her "H" sleeping configuration, too bad the Adriatic Sea was too cold, all 3 of us shared an Auschwitz response, turning lights on and off, the traveling hippo, European shower door fun, getting to know Unkie Whit, wild pink Budapest shirt, new shoes awaiting bigger feet...So many memories. She won't remember, but the camcorder tape will help. Thank you, my bestladies, for the trip of my life!

Team Hemphill said...

Casey I would totally read your article on traveling with Claire. Levi has troubs sleeping anywhere but his crib, even in his own pack-and-play!