Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Serving up some Christmas Joy!!!

This is the best story ever. Ever. And it is so cool to have been a small part of it.

Towne Family

Sweet Little Ben

A week ago, Carin Towne wrote on their Caring Bridge blog about 3 year old Ben's desire to "serve (a tennis ball) just like Roger Federer." If you have not yet read their blog, do it right now. You will never forget it in your life.

So anyway, compelled by the desire to bring joy (albeit limited) to this family, I wrote Roger's mom and his US agent an email. I told them Ben's story and attached their blog. Why not, right?! Ben's body is ravished with cancer, and his days are limited. He has already suffered more than any human should have to, in his short life. Then my brilliant friend Shannon also cast her net wide and found a friend of a friend (of a friend, you know how that goes) who knew Tiger Woods, and another that had been on the tennis circuit as a pro years back and could call the head of Nike Tennis.

Long shot, right? NOPE!! Less than a week later, little Ben Towne got a couple surprises in the mail and on the phone today and yesterday... I can't tell you how happy that makes my heart. Read his mom's account to hear the story; it is so sweet in the midst of their pain which is anything but that. I am so grateful for all the strings that were pulled to reach Roger, James Blake and Andy Roddick within a week. Their willingness to reach out to Ben makes me even more of a tennis fan! I was partially disappointed, because I was literally praying that Roger would get on a plane in Switzerland, leave his vacation, to come to Seattle and visit Ben. Ben is MORE than worth it. And that hasn't happened (yet). But I'm still overjoyed in the joy that Ben felt being contacted by those 3 guys. Now I'm starting to pray for FREE 2009 US Open tickets for his parents. They want to go in honor of Ben. They have suffered the worst pain imaginable the past year, and are hanging in there by the grace of God. The most riveting sentence in their recent blog is his mom saying she wishes Ben's life could be saved by the love that has been shown to him this past year. So if you haven't been til this point, start praying: who's with me!!!!


Julie said...

That's a great story Casey :) What a wonderful thing for you to have done.

Cindy said...

I have tears of joys! What a beautiful story and I'm so proud of you!

shannonandforrest said...

I'm still waiting for pictures of your house =)

Beth said...

This is so awesome! Such a testament that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. It looks like I won't be making it all the way to C.C., we got as far as San Antonio a little over a week ago and Nate's dad came up and met us for lunch. Hopefully we'll be down that way soon and we'll DEFINITELY let y'all know! As far as the camera goes, I'm still livin' in the past and using film. My "good" camera is a Canon Rebel and I have a zoom lens. An upgrade to something digital is on the horizon for me too I hope, so let me know what y'all decide on (maybe it'll save me some research). One other thing you might check out is www.thepioneerwoman.com and go to her photography section. She is self taught and takes amazing photos! She shares lots of secrets/information on photography as well as all of the equipment she uses, I think she's a Nikon Girl! Merry Christmas (sorry I wrote you a book)! :)

Eagle Dawg said...

Thank you.

Juli said...

Casey - Thank you for getting the ball rolling for the phone calls to Ben. I've known the Townes for many years and like most in their community, have felt helpless in this dark time. You were able to bring light and create joy in the midst of utter darkness. Well done, good & faithful servant. I join you in praying for the US Open trip in 2009 - my prayer is that Jeff & Carin get to say thank you to these men in person. That's what Carin would like to do.

Juli in Seattle